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I’ve posted so many photo’s about this to my Instagram feed – I’ve absolutely loved remaking this, despite the fact that it came from my first ever knitting cock up (I felted the original, if you remember). I meant to write about it when I finished it, but forgot.

So I picked up the stitches from the original Doodler – this was the section from 3 and 4, so the final sections. I really wanted to avoid unravelling this section as I found it the most labour intensive section. I used a smaller sized needle and managed to get all but three of the stitches, which I then put on waste yarn until I was ready for them. Plus, the orange was Wollmeise to wanted to save absolutely everything if I could.

The plan was then to knit up sections one and two – the wing and the cable section – and then reattach that final section to the main body.img_2212

In the end I choose different yarns to the one I made originally made as I didn’t want a repeat of the felting. I’m sure that I can make something else with the remaining yarn that I have in the brand, but what, I’m not entirely sure.

The white and coloured section is a Cuddlebums yarn, “snowy rainbow” on a bamboo and merino blend. The blue is an Easyknits yarn called “Bigger on the Inside” – and then of course the orange Wollmeise to finish it off.

Everything worked out so well doing it. The knitting – excluding the massive yarn barf I had that took be around TWELVE HOURS to fix. No word of a lie, so much time spent sorting out that mess.

The bit that I love the most was when I was attaching the old to the new. I picked up the stitches along the edge, and per the first instruction in section 3. I then lined up the two pieces – having checked and double checked how to Kitchener stitch (I refresh my mind every time I do it, just to be on the safe side). Then the magic happened! It took a good few hours to attach both pieces completely, but it worked out so, so well! I put markers in every 50 stitches to make sure that I was working evenly.img_2211

What I like about this project is that I problem solved it myself. I think if this was me a couple of years ago, I perhaps I would have thrown the whole thing away and maybe cried about it. I solved this from the moment the problem occurred. And it worked out!

I’m definitely on a high from this project!

Have you got any success stories? Care to share?