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It’s about time I had a knitting update! To be fair though, a lot of things recently – or at least, it feels like a lot of things – have been Christmas knits. I don’t usually knit for Christmas, not in a serious way at least. So I’ll remain incognito about the Christmas stuff.
I made some leg warmers. I haven’t ever made leg warmers before, and to be fair, I haven’t actually worn them yet. I used the same yarn that I used for my OWLs sweater [which is getting a lot of wear right now!] which is the Hobbycraft Women’s Institute yarn in Aran weight. The leg warmers turned out really well, and they fit well. I decided to not make the iCord though, as I lost interest in them.

The pattern that I used for them was Slouchy Cabled Legwarmers – link to Ravelry. It’s a free pattern, from a designer I’ve bought patterns from before. It’s easy enough to read and implement, although I didn’t read the chart properly and just went for it on the first one – twisted some of the cables a different way, and then didn’t in other places. Despite it, it’s turn out okay. With how cold it’s been the last few days, I may end up wearing them to bed!

I really need to improve the photography of my knitting. And stop just using my iPhone photos – but that will do for now as that’s all I have to share with you… although, here’s a picture of Artie modelling one of the leg warmers…
The other project I’d like to share with you right now is my remake of “A Floral Affair” which was originally a pattern in Knit Now magazine. When I made this the first time there was a typo or formatting error or something like that that I didn’t pick up on until it was too late. I didn’t undo my work as I was still hoping for the best, but it didn’t work out. [That vest is sitting in the wardrobe, but I’m not entirely sure what to do with it… donate it? Throw it? I just don’t know!].

I was looking forward to remaking this, and again choose some Women’s Institute yarn, this time the “smooth and silky” range which is a sport weight yarn. It’s what I used before and use it quite regularly so can trust it. More or less.
The project went well, used around 2.5 balls of yarn. The only weird thing that happened with this project was that the second ball of yarn I used – which to be fair it was a different dye lot – but it was thicker than the first yarn. I perhaps should have switched it out for the third ball, but I don’t think it’s made much of a difference in terms of the gauge or anything like that.

I probably could have done with making the ribbing section longer on the arms, but I was keen to cast off by the time I got to the arms… plus, I needed to rest my hands a bit as they were starting to hurt from all the knitting. [Not that I rested them for long, I went straight onto more Christmas stuff].

Again, I really need to start taking better photo’s as it makes my knitting looks rubbish like this! It’s really not though, promise!
What’s on your needles at the moment? Care to share?

Happy Christmas knitting!