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My blog has been a bit on the quite side recently. This is mainly because I write about two things: Knitting and reading. In terms of the knitting, with Christmas lurking I was making a lot of things for that, so I didn’t want to share here as the blog syncs with Facebook, and as such the recipients would know what was coming – and that would spoil the surprise. For the reading side of things… I just haven’t read an awful lot, especially as the year was coming to an end. My most recent book is awesome, but I just haven’t been able to find the time to pick it up and finish it.

Todays blog is kind of a two parter. Except all in one, if that makes sense? I want to talk about some of those Christmas knits, and then do the whole ‘year in review’ thing. I guess it will just depend on how long the first part turns out.

I’ve been doing various Christmas knitting since around August/ September time. To be fair, the first thing that I made as a present, I still haven’t sent to the person it’s intended for, so I’ll still keep quite on that one. But, I can mention what it is, without a picture, right? Okay, so that first project was a Saroyan, a side to side short scarf/shawl. It was a lot of fun to make, and quite relaxing too.

I then made a Multnomah shawl. This one I made with my sister in mind. She frequently feels the cold, and is definitely and child of the sun. For this I used Countess Ablaze sock yarn in the ‘Pond Scum’ colour way. I also used my new Chiaogoo circular needles, which are amazing! Especially for lace. Honestly, I was blown away with how nice they were. Grippy, but not too grippy, sharp enough for the lace. I’d like to get a couple more sets in the sizes I use most frequently, but I’ll have to see on that one.fullsizeoutput_169dfullsizeoutput_16a1

Next up I made a series of simple hats. The pattern I used was the ‘Boyfriend Beanie’ on Ravelry. This is one of those things though that I wish I could have made without the need for a pattern. Perhaps I need to get some reference books or something. I hated the fact that I needed help in a pattern to make them, but I did. I also didn’t take very good photo’s of them, so only have this one to share:

The pompom is in the colours of the recipients cricket club team. To be fair, I was asked to make it a long time ago, and it certainly became the perfect present to make for Christmas. Then, I thought, I would make some more for the other men in my life. So I did. I used my “goto” yarn for these, which is HobbyCraft’s Women’s Institute. DK for these hats. The Harry Potter themed one I made from some Hayfield as I wanted it to match a Hufflepuff scarf I made a long time ago. I still need to make one of these for my adopted Old Person though…img_2352

Once I’d made these I made a lace weight shawl using the most beautiful camel and silk yarn. It was such a pleasure to knit with, as Countess Ablaze yarn usually is. I got this a few years ago when the Countess had a sale on, and was part of the Twelve Caesers collection. The shawl, called ‘Dearly Beloved’ only took 50g of yarn, and came out at a decent size. Even though my mum knew and had seen me making it, I still turned it into a Christmas present for her. I finished it a lot quicker than I thought I would have done, just 8 days!
So that’s all the Christmas knits out of the way! I have another project to share with you, but that deserves it’s own blog as well. But let’s just say, I can understand why my hands hurt. I really, really, need to rest them.

I am really happy with how my Christmas knitting turned out. I have away a few of my other projects for Christmas as well, like the OWL mittens, and the red lace scarf that I made back in the summer. It’s been a good year for knitting. But more on that in the next blog!

What were your Christmas makes?