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About a year or so ago I ordered a subscription/surprise yarn box from an Indie dyer that I follow on Instagram – ForTheLoveofYarn. When the box arrived, I was thrilled, but I didn’t know what to make with the yarn [I’m not a natural crochet-er so I didn’t want to do the pattern that was supplied]. I relatively recently asked on Ravelry what they’re suggestions were to make with the yarn – approx. 200g of a beautiful gradient ready caked and itching to go. Aside from the usual responses of ‘check out this group’ or ‘check the yarn page’ [responses that happen all too often, especially when someone is asking for specific information or personal preferences…] I did get a list of shawls going. I eventually decided to make “Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair’. I kept coming back to that particular design as the one for this yarn set.
A boy, am I glad I did!

Made from the bottom up – something that I hadn’t done before – with a lace border that eventually works its way into a cabled section – it was also a design that was unique and pleasing to look at. Plus, I had never worked cables in a pattern like that before.

When I bought the pattern it was 21 pages. 21. I immediately thought ‘WTF have I got myself into?’ But the pattern makes so much sense, and not all 21 pages are used. The pattern is divided into sizes, and then specific pages deal with specific sizes. There’s a couple of tutorial pages at the back for beading – I didn’t do that with this one – and the introduction.

I love how this shawl came out:img_2428
I love the colours. I feel like it’s a very springtime shawl, bright and bold colours that mix well together. I did have to alternate the yarns, but I also had to disengage yarn for bigger sections than I anticipated, but it’s worked out so well together, and the colours just blend so well.
It’s not as big as I would have liked, but clearly my tension was off. I had 72g of yarn left over, and should have had a minimal amount. That being said though, it sits around my neck nicely and keeps my neck warm – something much needed in the coming days with a wintery storm front approaching.

I used my Chiaogoo needles with this one. 3.5mm, as per the pattern recommendations. I usually do go up a needle size to account for tension – I know I’m a tight knitter – but I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t run out of yarn this time around. The strange thing is though, these needles really hurt my hands time around. I don’t know if it was simply because I was fatigued from the Christmas knitting – which was more accidental more than anything – or because it was the needles. I’ve not been rushing my current project because of it, and my hands are feeling a bit better. I do still need to invest in that stress ball though.

I was waiting to write this blog until I had some better photo’s taken with my DLSR. Except I took the Christmas tree down, and I need to come up with a decent way of photographing them that doesn’t make me look like an amateur. [I love those Christmas tree shawl photos!]. Maybe I can come up with something with my wood working hobbiest partner of mine. [Space and lighting in the flat does cause some problems…]

Anyway, that’s all for now folks… What’s on your needles?