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I made a new cat hat! I had one that I made a few years back, but when I saw this one I knew I had to have one! The pattern is called “Cabled Cat Ears Hat” and uses super chunky/super bulky yarn and works up in such a short amount of time. I don’t use super chunky yarn particularly often so sort of forget how quickly a project can be finished.

Aside from how awesome the pattern is, I made this for a couple of reasons. I can’t get to the London Women’s march on Saturday because basically I have no money, and train fare just isn’t a priority. I’ve never been to a rally, and there have been plenty of them in the last year for various things, and I think if I did live closer to London I would go, but at this point in time I just can’t justify the money. So I made this in solidarity.

I love the scope of the pussyhat project. I love that fact that it made the national news, even here in the UK. If I had more yarn and more time I would have made some for the friends of mine that are going to the rally, but I only saw this pattern earlier this week, and haven’t been into the other patterns that I’ve seen.

The pattern itself was super easy to follow. The only time it gets a little fiddly was working around the ears, but the end result is just awesome. I think the only thing that I would change if I were making this again – and had more yarn to play with – would be to increase the brim so that it was either a. longer, or b. able to roll over a bit. As it stood I only had a small amount of yarn in my stash – I was using one ball of Rowan Drift that I had left over from a couple of projects a few years back. I was fully prepared to unravel another hat I’d made with this stuff so that I could finish this one.

The first night I wore it a dog barked at me. And Artie swiped it off my head to go and ‘kill’ it. This has both really amused me and makes me feel like I have definitely won with it.

I do need to give it a soak to soften it up a bit as it’s a little itchy at the moment, but it’s a hat, and that will probably never be a priority of mine as it’s so cold out at the moment as it is.

Have you made any of these hats? What’s been your favourite pattern to use? Are you attending any marches?