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My first big project for 2017 was this Lace Wild Flower blanket – something that I’ve made before and really love as a baby blanket. Considering it’s been super cold this last month as well, it was a pleasure making it as it was keeping me warm at the same time.


It only took four weeks  to make this one. The previous one I made took a little over six, so I was quite surprised when it was coming to an end.
I used James C Brett DK Marble yarn for this project. It’s not a yarn I’ve used before and chose it on a whim as I couldn’t find a nice yellow Aran weight yarn – which is what I wanted to use originally. It was an alright yarn to work with, but once the stripes were getting thinner I wasn’t enjoying the yellow hues so much…
This was made for a work colleague and his wife who are expecting their first child in the spring/summer time. Even though I haven’t got some decent pictures of the whole thing I’m really happy with how it turned out.

When working the pattern I ended up doing an extra repeat of the diamonds as I had calculated that I would need 5 balls of yarn, but in reality completing the pattern as written would have left me with one spare ball (and I’d already bought 6 to be on the safe side – so already have a spare ball). I think if I had pushed to use the 6th ball, I would have run out, so in reality this worked out quite perfectly. img_2497

The yarn itself could be a little splity, but working with my Karbonz needles which are slightly blunter at the points eliminated this being a particular issue. It’s not something that I would have wanted to crochet with, and I did have a quick go before decided to come back to this particular design.

I wish I had somewhere where I could take better photos though as the photos I have just don’t do it any justice.