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For the last six weeks or so I haven’t been very well. Alex tells me it’s longer, but basically I  seem to have been hit with cold after cold, a 24 hour sickness bug and more cold. It’s been a rough few weeks. Whilst I feel a lot better, I’m now fed up of looking washed out! Time to crack out the make up for a small while, I think!

During this time I’ve still been knitting – although it has been quite hard the last couple of weeks because the sickens made my concentration lapse. That was more to do with that 24 hour bug more than anything though.

A while back I started a thread asking for shawl suggestions on Ravelry. From that I made a ‘Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair’ shawl – which I love but isn’t really big enough so plan to make that one again with all that alpaca yarn I have – and now I can say I’ve completed Reyna.
The Reyna shawl has really impressed me. When I was making it I was thinking that it wasn’t going to come out how I wanted, and just how could a one skein shawl really look as big as the other projects were showing? All the other one skein shawls I’ve made haven’t come out particularly big. But this one did! img_2540

This one really did open up and become that big.

I made this in The Yarn Tree’s ‘Frozen’ colourway. The colours are just beautiful. The blues came off on my hands a bit, but a soak and rinse for about 10 minutes reduced that, and then a soak in the washing machine as well. I’ll be surprised if there’s any blue left to come out. [I hope not, I gave it as a gift!]. I will be ordering more of this yarn from The Yarn Tree at some point because it’s just so lovely, and the colours are just perfect.img_2484
I don’t have many – good – photo’s. This is one aspect of my knitting I need to change. Get some better artsy photo’s that show the FO in the best way possible. This will make me feel like my knitting does look as good as I think it does!

This is a pattern that was super easy to follow – and even better was just one page. I will be making more of these in the future as it is literally a perfect pattern for the variegated sock yarn skeins I have kicking around. And really, could be made absolutely massive using a Wollmeise 150g skein or something. This is one of those patterns that I’ll have no trouble recommending to anyone.img_2573It doesn’t matter what I make, Artie has to inspect it! Also, the blocking mats weren’t big enough for this, even though I thought they would be. Alex got me some from B&Q that are massive though, so I’ll be cracking those out instead next time.
img_2574I’m currently making a Lord of the Rings scarf. I don’t really do Lord of the Rings so it feels a little strange to be writing Elvish in my knitting. I plan to put a Tree of Gondor in on the other end, even though it’s going to be a bright red as I don’t want the scarf plain at the ends, and I don’t want to put more Elvish there either.

Maybe one day I’ll pick up the book for this series, hm?