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After finishing the Lord of the Rings scarf I was entirely sure what I wanted to make. I partly wanted to do something different, or do some stash busting. Stash busting won out, but I also tried something different. I decided to tackle some crochet, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that it’s not something I do very often. I’ve come to this very simple conclusion as to why: with knitting there’s only two stitches, it’s what you do with them that makes the piece. With crochet there seems to be an infinite amount of stitches and things to do with. Plus, I think I struggle to pick up the language with it which frustrates me.

However, I decided to do some crochet. My friend gifted me the Happypotamus pattern by Heidi-bears, available on Ravelry. I read through a lot of the project pages before I decided to dive in. Many people said it was their first crochet project – how? I thought! I gave it a go. The first few motifs I made didn’t quiet work out right:

They were to tight, and were curling up. Plus, they were a bit round.

Once I watched this video though, that all changed:

I made a few modifications to how the video did things, like less chain stitches between the dcs.

I didn’t realise initially that I wasn’t supposed to put the final round on – even though I had read it earlier in the pattern – because I was looking at the pictures rather than the writing. I felt super silly once I realised that – but luckily hadn’t gone too far into the motifs to worry about changing the putting together.

After a while I did find making the flowers a bit boring, but I persevered and had all of them ready in no time. Putting him together was fairly straightforward as well – follow the pattern step by step and it get’s you there. I slip stitched the flowers that I’d put the additional rounds on to make life easier and to reduce the seam/make it less bulky.

I love how he’s turned out, what do you think? I’m going to make more of these for sure!