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Okay so I haven’t blogged in a while. Remember my lost post about my Happypottamus…? I was on such a high after making that – something that I didn’t expect I would be able to do, then I went back to my knitting. With knitting, I definitely feel like it takes longer to get results, whereas crochet feels like there’s a lot more instant gratification in the development of the finished product.

I had decided to use some stash yarn and cast on for an Haruni shawl. I think I must have cast this on about ten times before I actually got any where. I would then get between 10 – 50 rows in, and for some reason something would go wrong and I would rip out again. No worries, thought I, this yarn just doesn’t want to become Haruni. [It’s Knitpicks hand painted stroll in the Coffee Shop colour way, probably too busy for Haruni anyway…]. So, in light of this I browsed through Ravely’s Hot Right Now list and decided on a ‘Closer to You’ shawl. I had 200g of this yarn so could make a decent sized shawl.

Not that this project really worked out either, which is exactly why I have delayed in posting. Seriously, I feel like my knitting confidence has taken such a hit because I could get this stupidly simple shawl knit up. There are supposed to be 8 lacy/YO sections at the start of one row every 12 rows [or something like that]. When I cast off I had 158.


No, that wasn’t a typo. I figured out where I was going wrong for one bit and thought that would have solved whatever the problem I was having. It didn’t.

I have cast this one off and thrown into the gift stash without blocking or even sewing in the ends. I don’t even want to acknowledge it right now.

When I cast on my next project, the one I really wanted to be making whilst using up the Knitpicks yarn on the failed project, which this time is a cardigan, it again it took several times to cast on. And several ripping out. I do now have something that looks like it’s going right, but even now there’s a few rows in the middle of the lace section on the back that went wrong.

Honestly, is it normal for knitters to get performance issues? That is the only why I can describe how I’m feeling right now.

For the moment I am taking this new cardigan on a slow and steady basis, reading and rereading each step as it comes to make sure that things go right. I need this project to be a win, and I think I’m in a better rhythm with it right now.

I may undo that shawl in the long term, but for now, it can be in time out.