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It’s been a while since I wrote a knitting blog, but I have good reason – I haven’t gotten around to blocking what I’ve made! I seem to be fighting a never ending pile of washing, and I can’t really wash my knitted stuff before the normal clothes I wear – I think clean pants, work clothes and socks sort of come first.

So despite this fact I thought I would share some of my recent makes with you, as there are a few now!

To start with I have this cardigan – it’s called ‘From Way Back’ and the pattern is available on Ravelry. I’d been wanting to make it for a while as I really liked the back design. I also needed this project to of the winning kind as the previous few I’d made hadn’t exactly gone according plan.

Luckily, this more or less did go to plan. I had calculated that I would need 5 balls of my chosen yarn, this time a Robyn acrylic DK in a forest green colour. It took about three weeks to make in all, and once it goes through the wash it will loosen up a bit.

I also need to get some buttons to match!

The sleeves seemed to go one forever, but when I tried it on they came just above the wrist. I decided to leave them like that as I end up pulling my sleeves up to that point anyway. At this point in time I don’t know if I’ll like that as I’ve taken my choice away from doing it… if that makes sense. I’d like to make it again for sure as I really enjoyed making this, and it was a lot simpler that it looks. Especially when you look at the lace chart – but like I say – a lot easier than it looks.

Next up I made some Hermione’s Everyday socks. Again these only took a few weeks. For these I used my KnitPro Zing DPNs. I don’t usually use DPNs but it worked well for these. I initially tried to use my 9” circulars but I wasn’t finding them particularly comfortable to use – perhaps it was because I needed to purl stitches occasionally. The most comfortable I’ve found these needles to be used on was the Water for the Elephants socks… so I’m not sure why I don’t find these so great to use.

I used some yarn that I had been gifted for Christmas from my sister. It is King Cole Zigzag which is a merino/nylon blend and just worked so well for this project. I had no idea what to expect from the yarn, nor how it would knit up. I’m super happy with the results for this one, and again, they just need a wash so that I can trim the ends and get around to wearing them.

If I can knit socks as quickly as I did with these then I’ll definitely be using some more of my stash yarn up on socks. I have a blue version of the King Cole yarn to also use as well.

I’ve also made a couple of baby related items:

A cardigan, which was pretty simple to make if a little big. For this I used a left over ball of yarn that I’d got when I made the blanket for a work colleague. This used pretty much a whole ball of yarn [which surprised me as when I first started knitting I swear one ball of DK yarn lasted forever… although thinking about it… it must have been a bigger ball. I’d made a baby dress, mittens and something else out of that yarn and still had leftovers. I think I ended up donating the rest of the yarn].

And lastly, I have these little booties to share. I used some stash aran for these, and didn’t take too long to make… not really. I think I spent a great deal of time trying to find out where Artie had hidden the first one I’d made as he kept stealing my yarn! And the finished items!

My current project is a crochet project. With any luck it’s coming to it’s end so that I can show you it soon!

What are you making at the moment? Care to share?