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It’s been a few weeks since I completed my last knitting project, and what can I say about it other than I am super happy with it. I was waiting to write the blog post about it as I wanted to get some more photo’s after I had washed it and trimmed the tails, but it’s still languishing in the finished objects box waiting for my washing basket to decrease [it never does].IMG_3109

This blanket I feel like I should describe as my masterpiece. Definitely the biggest blanket I’ve made so far, and whilst it only used 7.5 balls of yarn it feels a lot weightier. For this project I used Stylecraft Special DK which also was the first time I had used this yarn and it was just delightful to use! The colours are just beautiful, and I don’t feel as though my photo’s do the blanket justice.


Despite being my masterpiece I did make some errors. Remember that meme that was going around about living dangerously due to not using stitch markers?


Yeah. That. Also: Maggie Smith – rules.

There were a few times that I would get to the end of the lace row and something not match up – either I would have a couple of stitches left over [happened the most, if I’m honest] or I wouldn’t have enough as I went into it. But, me being me, wasn’t undoing 300 odd stitches to put it right. I had to do that really early on as I’d gotten carried away and completed two extra knitting rows rather than putting a lace row in.


There is one big downside to this project – and it’s not that I’m giving it away to my sister or anything like that – but this is the project that broke my hands. Not in the literal sense, but it would appear that I have given myself a Repetitive Strain Injury – in both hands. At least, that is what I think it is. I bloody hope it’s not something but life long and worse. Because of this I invested in a Powerball – and boy does that work wonders on the hands! But as a result my next project is moving along at a somewhat more glacial speed than I am used to and I am having to force myself to rest more often than before. I could also just be getting old.

The only reason that I think this is an RSI is because I was using DK yarn – and let’s be honest most of my projects are made with fingering/sock weight yarn, and the construction. This was made by casting all the required stitches on rather than my normal blanket construction of working in circles and starting with just a few.

In all this project took around about two and half months to complete [another vote for RSI there?] and I seriously couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. From the colour choices to the size – if I were to steam block it to it’s proper dimensions it would cover my bed [that’s a double sized one, by the way].

Would I make another one? Yes. Would it be as big? Probably not.

Once I had finished that I also made a quick cowl. I’m trying to go through my stash – but to be honest there’s not an awful lot of it left! However, this cowl was made more or less in an evening out of Sirdar Husky and is going to be free to a good home… if anyone wants it. I always feel so clumsy using such thick yarn. I definitely won’t be making leaps into the gorilla yarn that seems to be all the rage right now!


What’s on your needles/hooks right now? My next project is a shawl, and also marks the 100th uniquely listed project in my Ravelry projects page!